Planting food scraps

My food garden is still alive. I started out with basil, rosemary, oregano, chilli, laksa leaf, mint and pandan (also known as screw pine) and I’ve savoured the leaves before most of the plants died. The amazing thing about growing your own herbs is the quality – the smell is stronger and you feel good knowing it truly is organic.

Pandan, laksa and chilli got attacked by a root bug. It was white and infested the roots and made it rot. These plants also suffered from measly bugs nesting between its leaves. Basil had a nasty aphid attack and oregano decided to wilt and die.


Rosemary is a hardy plant and great for any home gardener !

What’s left are my rosemary and new basil seedlings from the seeds of the aphid-ridden parent plants.


Let the flower pods dry before cutting. Scatter the seeds on soil and wait for it to sprout.

I have discovered that natural fertilizers attract less pests than store-bought pallets. Don’t discard your egg shells, wash and let dry before grinding into a powder either manually with a stone mortar or with the electric blender. Scatter onto soil, your plants will thank you for the extra vitamins. 

Recently, I have taken to growing food scraps. The joy from snipping leaves off for immediate consumption is indescribable. For dinner last night, I snipped off a stalk and a few leaves from the spring onion I was growing. Behold, water was dripping off the ends where I cut which showed just how juicy and fresh it was.


Spring onion and ginger !


The ginger's sprouting buds just after two days.

For lunch today, I used coriander and 小白菜. I chucked the ends into the soil and I’m waiting to see if these would grow at all!


小白菜 or green leafy vegetables.


Coriander and chinese spinach stems.

Stay tuned to the progress of these greenies!

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Being home

Owning my own home is great. There is a true sense of ownership and responsibility that came with paying for and creating a space that worked for both of us.

Bits I love
Watching over my plants. I have green babies in my balcony and speckled around my home. I enjoy pruning the plants, clearing dead leaves, changing pots, checking for plant pests, rotating the pots for sunlight etc.etc. it is especially rewarding when the plants do well and bloom.


Thai basil blooms

Cooking is another chore I enjoy. I work full time spending up to 11 hours at work. Making dinner for us everyday forces me to leave the office at 830pm the latest. I get home at 9pm and hurry through the food prep for a warm dinner at 930pm. If I feel like a fancy meal, I’ll leave earlier!


Beef burger from scratch with home made buns and patty


Hand made noodles with black sauce chicken


Yup, noodles fresh out of my pasta machine


Fried kway teow, a local delight


Roast chicken with feta cheese and mint leaves

Most days, I wish for less time at work and more time at home. I yearn to clock in a short run, and be able to cook us dinner everyday.

Being able to host friends in my own home is also a joy. I don’t mind the cleaning up after either as we bond over food and drinks.

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I am getting my keys today

Yes, finally. It has been a long long wait for the new home.

Whilst waiting, I have made furniture purchases based on the colour theme that I’ve picked last year – dark brown, green, grey, black and white. The style is contemporary. 


Dining table

That’s my dining table. It is currently sitting in my home, flat packed of course.



This set of 3+2 sofa will be in dark brown, without piping.

I wanted maximum seating areas because I have large groups of friends. Now, my main worry is fitting it all into the tiny space that I have. How will it all fit together? Let’s see in a months time!

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Quilt for the unborn niece

My little sister got married last year and very promptly for pregnant too. So it seems I may have a little niece trotting along in about 4 months.

I made a baby quilt for the unborn child when she was just 2 months old. The fabrics were handpicked and sponsored by Melvin and myself, and I got to cutting and sewing almost immediately. Each piece carefully placed and stitched together, lovingly layered with the cotton batting,  and binded with a strip of deep blue and white polka dot fabric. I was very pleased with the end result and couldn’t wait to pass the masterpiece to my sister.


I hope this 温暖牌子 baby quilt will keep the little one warm until she is 5.

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Beach getaway

Bintan is a one hour ferry away from Singapore. Our group of ten (2 kids and 8 adults) decided to head over to Bintan club med to celebrate 2 member’s birthdays (one was 5 yo and the other 41), and to bond and have a good time.

We booked for 4 days, 3 nights and honestly, it all went by too quickly!

Some pics from the gorgeous beach and perfect room view of the small club med village, that is currently helmed by one of the youngest GO around, Mr Mike .


This greeted me when I entered the hotel room


View from our room on day 3. It was a hot hot day!


We did this at least once a day


On the 2nd day, the clouds came and made everything less glaring...


Magnificent beach view from the deck chairs


This performer, nicknamed Tai-two, cracked us up so bad!

The winds blew 24/7 and it was the non-sticky type of wind. It brought cool relief from the heat and I loved how it gave my hair a wind swept beach babe look. Au natural!

We each took to the spa, ran by the Asmara Spa group. The massage was decent and the atmosphere was to die for. I was ushered into a room that faced the sea. Full glass windows. *Drools* The lounge area after your massage faced a rocky beach, and we sat till the sun set and night was upon us.

I guess the company I had made the trip a 5 star worthy mention. Without you, my friends, life will be so dull.

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Art jamming

A groupon deal brought us to My Art Studio located in Mid view City, along  Sin Ming Lane.

For the first 20 minutes, Melvin and I sat and searched very hard for inspiration and content to paint. Once we decided, pencil lines were drawn, blotches of acrylic paint appeared on our art palate, and the colours grew on our stretched canvas. It was a good three hours together and we both felt a deep sense of satisfaction when we saw our finished products being wrapped up for our bringing away.


Melvin, turning to the web for inspiration


Hola! Creations from our own hands!

I picked an image from our honeymoon. It was a picture taken along the River Darro, in Granada, Spain, a very precious moment of pure sweetness and love when we stopped in our stroll for a picture moment. I remembered the weather that day to be very cold, the air was crisp and the River had a very gentle flow. A busker was playing Granadian reggae tunes and my world only saw Melvin and me. Melvin picked something from one of his favourite pastimes, cycling. It was Lance Armstrong leading the pelaton in a Tour De France race, and when he got to painting Lance’s bike, he was so serious and so detailed I was trying hard to stifle my giggle.

I secretly felt loved and blessed that Melvin was willing to come with me for this date. Art is not in his blood and I knew he had to come out of his comfort zone to do, well, a painting!

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Home cooked meals

Having moved into Melvin’s family, the one thing I enjoyed immensely was having home cooked meals.

The cooking isn’t restaurant worthy, the presentation of food, well they are usually in metal plates, and the dishes are simple and easy to cook. (This household eats more canned food than I am used to.)

You know, all of that, don’t matter that much. What I appreciate, is the love that goes into it.


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